The Gift

It doesn’t snow where I live;
I never even wanted it to.
Counted the houses with the strings of light;
Every year it went down by a few.
I heard “chestnuts roasting” on the radio,
But I couldn’t let the darkness go—
I wasn’t even wishing
For better days
At all.
I was just missing
Out on
Them all.

I met a boy wrapped in a scarf—
The very first gift that touched my heart.
He walked me through snow,
Strung up some lights—
Got me singing all through the night.


The Beginning

Somebody called me—
Told me you were coming home.
You were just a name to me,
Like all the ones I’d ever known.

But when it rains,
It really pours—
You were the sunniest
Of all the storms.

I’d walk home glowing,
Never knowing why.

Or how one look
Could change my life.