Long Distance

Your voice
Engulfs me,
It holds me—
Could fall fast asleep,
But rather hear you talk to me.

And I can’t respond
Because they’d hear me
Whisper vows,
And think I’m crazy.

For how could hearts
So far apart
Know what they want?



Meeting him was like
Having spent every Fourth of July
Hearing fireworks,
With your view blocked by a tree.

And then one day
Running outside,
Front and center–
Finally able to see.

The Beginning

Somebody called me—
Told me you were coming home.
You were just a name to me,
Like all the ones I’d ever known.

But when it rains,
It really pours—
You were the sunniest
Of all the storms.

I’d walk home glowing,
Never knowing why.

Or how one look
Could change my life.


They want their grass to be greener
So they can stare at it.
No need to travel
When there’s a show for it.
And they say that love’s
Not all that.

But with you I was barefoot,
Never could stay put;
They tried to stop me,
But something was afoot—
I’d felt too much
To go back.