Does She Love Him?

I don’t have a brother. And I have not had a son.

But I can imagine what it must feel like to look at the woman in front of you, not knowing her thoughts. Her feelings.

Does she love him?

How much?

I can imagine what it must feel like to know that this is not something under your control. That he will be with whomever he chooses to be with.

The day I met your family for the very first time—did they know how much I had already loved you?

And now?



I remember
Rays of sun
Through hair undone;
I never really could perfect
That messy bun.
And the days were nice,
But the living wasn’t easy.

Flash forward
Two more years—
You pull me near;
I never thought one day
You’d hold me here,
With strands through your hands,
Telling me you love me.

I Can’t

I can’t do it anymore.

I can’t do it.

I can’t.

All of the water
From your eyes
Will be dry
By sunrise—
It’s happened
A million times.

And you’ll be
Putting on your coat,
Stepping back
Into the cold—
It’s magic.
It’s a beautiful life.